Due to the valuable qualities, the sea buckthorn is widely used in folk medicine in Asia already many thousands of years ago. The sea buckthorn is widely studied and applied also in Russia.

The tractates of Tibet monks are among the most ancient written sources where the sea buckthorn is mentioned. However the most active period in recognition of the sea buckthorn fruits were approximately 200 years A.C. during the military expedition of Alexander the Great. The exhausted warriors observed that horses ate fruit similar to berries from several unknown trees. The warriors also tried them. In several days both the warriors and horses regained strength. Since then, this plant has been called hippophae in Latin. When translated, it means "the bright horse". Alexander the Great brought the trees to Europe. The sea buckthorn is widespread in Asia, Europe and Russia and recently was also found in Canada.

Chingishan, the emperor of Mongolia, who created one of the largest empires in the 13th century, relied on 3 headstones: a well-organized army, strong discipline and the sea buckthorn.



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