Aging and illnesses related thereto, such as heart diseases and cancer, are connected with anti-oxidation caused by excessive amount of reactive molecules. Antioxidants are substances decreasing the oxidation. A healthy person is endowed with a strong oxidative system - the organism itself is programmed to neutralize and demolish the hazardous substances. However, with years it becomes weaker; it is also provoked by enforced and ongoing stress, addictions, use of stimulating substances, unreasonable sunbathing, environmental pollution, illnesses, lasting inflammations, traumas, operations, starvation, low-quality food, etc. The hazardous impact of free radicals touches many organs, but most rapidly - the heart and the vascular system. It causes inspissations of cholesterol, decreasing of elasticity of blood-vessels, hypertension, ischemia, and a heart attack can result as a consequence. Next suffer the skin, the eyes, the immune system and connective tissues.

Antioxidants are the most powerful opponents to cell destroying free radicals, but the sea buckthorn is one of the strongest known antioxidants, because it has plenty of natural antioxidants - vitamins C, E, A, beta carotene, selenium, polyphenol - flavonoid, etc.!



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